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At Frank and London Insurance Agency, Inc., a family owned business for over 80 years, we have relied on three basic philosophies: Listen to what the client is really asking for in his or her insurance program., Service must be impeccable for all clients needs, and form a bond or trust Breitling Navitimer Replica between Frank & London and the client. It has worked in Ohio and surrounding states for years.

We are still committed to these philosophies, however, one can not rest on past ideas and older ways of doing business no matter how successful we have been.

We want to carry these philosophies into forward thinking avenues...
That is why we are introducing a new web site: www.frankandlondoninsure..com. We feel that this change will provide you , the client, 24 hour access to our services and strengthen our trust, improve our usefulness to you as a client and engage all sources of your insurance information..

We certainly do not believe that this will change our core philosophies of knowing our client, servicing our client , and building our trust. We think you will enjoy the capability of the site and make it easier to do business with Frank and London.

My Sincerest Personal Regards,

Phillip London



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