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Is our family’s go-carts covered under our homeowner’s insurance?
Kiddy cars, electric or gas scooters, go-carts, and ATVs are no Chopard Replica Watches longer insured for liability off owned premises under the 2000 Edition of Homeowner’s Policy.? One needs to add endorsements to pick up coverage.

Am I covered when using a company car for personal use?
The employer may provide limited or no coverage for personal use by the employee or family members.?

When do I need flood insurance?
Flood Insurance:? You do not have to live in a flood zone to need flood insurance.? More than 25% of all flood claims are for property outside the 100 year flood plain.?

Do I need to get my four wheeler registered?
Ohio Motorist must register off-road vehicles when used on Ohio roadways effective July 1, 2009.? These vehicles must have proof of registration with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)

My child has received their learners permit, do I need to add him/her to our policy?
Your child is not added to your policy until they have a valid driver’s license number.

Are sub-contractors covered under general liability?
If the sub-contractor does not carry their own insurance then they are treated as employees and covered under the general liability form.

What does deductable mean?
The deductable is your out of pocket expense in the event of a covered claim.

Can my jewelry and metals be covered?
Most homeowner’s policy provides smaller dollar coverage for theft of precious metals and jewelry.? Gold has increased 20% - 30% over the recent years. Check for agreed value and increase coverage on jewelry.?

Our son just turned 21, can he be covered under our healthcare?
Not all health insurance plans insure children to the age of 21.? In fact, unless your child is in school most children need to obtain individual health insurance for children of 21 and over, even if living in the home.?

If a pipe burst in my apartment and the water damages my TV and I responsible or is the apartment complex?
In the lease it will state that it is the apartment owner’s responsibility to have renters insurance.? This would pay and subrogate back against the owner of the complex.? These policies usually are $15 - $20 a month.?

Do I need to buy rental coverage?
Some apartments/complexes require rental coverage in their lease.? Check the lease if to see if you are required to obtain rental coverage.

Am I automatically covered if I trade in my old car for a new car?
Not necessarily, we recommend that you call and let us know as soon as possible on any cars to be removed or added to your policy.?

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